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today’s closetcast: equipped Image

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Holiday Prep

today’s closetcast: relaxation mode




Was planning on heading up to the city (i.e. San Francisco) this weekend to do a little window shopping, but it looks like the weather is going to be less than desirable for being outside. Unfortunately, I probably won’t make it up before Christmas arrives. I have most of my shopping done, but there is something so magical about walking through the busy streets, walking past hoards of people carrying all their shopping bags, rushing about trying to finish up their last minute “to-do’s”.

We’ve had a major cold snap this week, and while I really wanted to wear these new pants from Zara, they left my ankles with a little chill. I countered in with my oversized and super warm Uniqlo down jacket from the Jil Sander collaboration a couple years back. Still one of my favorite purchases.

Pants and heels: Zara, top: vintage, jacket: Uniqlo +J

If You’re Going to San Francisco….

today’s closetcast: breezy beautiful

On Friday I spent the better part of the day up in San Francisco to check out the Man Ray x Lee Miller exhibit at the Legion of Honor. It was really interesting, the exhibit focused on Man Ray and Lee Miller before, during and after their relationship. To top it off, there was also a Rene Bouche exhibit showcasing his illustrations after he returned to post-WWII Paris.

It was a beautiful day – breezy and brisk. I have been starting to feel a definite shift in the weather, at least by the coast, and I am ready for fall. It’s my favorite season.

jeans: Uniqlo, jacket: Uniqlo, brogues, Zara, necklace: Dannijo

What You Were

today’s closetcast: the big chill

I’ve given up hope on weather forecasts that extend past the present. I always feel a little let down when a big storm is promised and nothing happens. Might sound odd, but I relish in “weather” when fall and winter roll around. I like the big storms, the wind, rain and dark ominous clouds.

Interested in a little giveaway? Designer Lauren Besser makes Maripossa jewelry in lovely Australia. The pieces are so beautiful and I have been a fan for so long now. If you and a friend “like” her page on Facebook then email Maripossa with the answer to the secret couple photographed on their page, the both of you get entered in a contest to win a piece from their new collection. Don’t miss out!

dress: Alice McCall for Topshop, boots: Topshop, jacket: Uniqlo +J