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some beading and some brooding…

today’s closetcast: informal





The title of this post says it all doesn’t it? I swear I am a happy person, it’s just with these blog photos I feel like I am not one who has mastered the effortless, unposed smile and when I attempt it – it looks rather contrived. I instead come across as brooding… hopefully my shyness in front of the camera will change as I continue with this blog.

Now… on to the outfit! This look is mostly made up of pieces I’ve had in my closet and rediscovered. I’ve actually never worn this top before, though I’ve had it for months. I got it from asos, a true gem of a shopping destination. I swear I could spend hours perusing their selections of European brands and their own unique label. Trouble! But the top is this heavy-duty wool jumper with this crazy beading detail. The jeans are Mother and are so amazing in their fit, I haven’t taken them off since I bought them a couple of weeks ago!

What do you guys think of this look?

top: asos, jeans: Mother denim, heels: zara (old)



today’s closetcast:  seeing the light Image

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