Wide Legged and Patterned

today’s closetcast: just another day





Bought these great fitting pants from J. Crew a while back. I love how they fit. High-waisted, slightly wide-legged, and the perfect length. Slimming and flattering. What do you guys think?

Hope everyone has a great week! XO

18 responses to “Wide Legged and Patterned

  1. I am so in love with these pants!

  2. Hope to get them soon😀

  3. I love these pants! xx

  4. Very nice! They look great on you.

  5. WOW — wide legged perfection! Fabulous. XOXO N & N

  6. Oh i love those pants!

  7. Caffeconlatte

    Nice outfit! I like the pants a loott

  8. This outfit is so simple and beautiful. Love the pants

  9. LOve the pants! Looks very beautiful on long legs and slender waist! Don’t forget to chek my blog http://www.parotisse.com ! see you soon

  10. Hi ClosetCast,
    Love …love…. just love the way you style even a simple outfit… Following you now…
    Please feel free to check my blog out as well,,,

  11. I’m so glad to have come across your blog. Your style is beautiful and i am especially in love with these trousers! x

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