Clover Canyon Fall RTW 2014

today’s closetcast: saving for later







Though it did not get very rave reviews on, I personally loved a few choice pieces in the Clover Canyon collection. Known for their outrageous prints, this collection definitely did not tone it down in the least. While I likely wouldn’t wear each of these looks as styled above, I do love the idea of how each individual piece from the looks above could stand out so well on their own. Sort of like that one piece in your closet you reach for when you are searching for a bit of “bright.” Maybe you want to stand out? I am probably more of a wallflower than one who demands attention, but I could see myself wearing these looks when I felt like I wanted to be a little less inconspicuous…

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11 responses to “Clover Canyon Fall RTW 2014

  1. I would not wear either. But in the first if it was all the one pattern, I love the lace at the bottom and could make nice Pj’s.

  2. agreed with what you said! and I truly love the looks 1-3 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on LA to NY Fashion.

  4. Hindi Fashion

    lovely colors and prints ❤

  5. I love all the prints!

  6. Love the first look

  7. Definitely one of my fav collections!

  8. marikakristiina

    I love the last outfit! Especially that sweatshirt 🙂

  9. Endlessensation

    I really like your blog!!!! I’m new to blogging. So if you don’t mind checking out my blog that would be awesome.

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