this…. or that?

today’s closetcast: trend report


The rucksack is a fun silhouette for fall when executed properly. I love these two designs above as they are a far cry from tacky mini backpacks and hold on to sophisticated elements I can appreciate. Specifically, the black leather and minimalist hardware which together create an understated handbag that is unique in its silhouette but functional in its design.

When it comes to handbags, are you the type to splurge on trendy pieces like this or on more iconic and timeless pieces like (in my opinion) the Givenchy Antigona or Gucci Soho? So when it comes to a handbag that is admittedly a “seasonal” piece, is it best to splurge or save? The Row bag on the left is absolutely stunning. But the $3900 price-tag can be a tough pill to swallow. On the right, Zara at a mere $179. Which is best?

images via Zara and Barneys


14 responses to “this…. or that?

  1. Renee Prince Fillip

    Never good to splurge on a trendy bag, and quite honestly The Row’s quality doesn’t warrant the price tag. Go with Zara for sure on this one!

  2. I would choose zara…great blog you have!
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  3. Definitely the Zara version!

  4. go for the zara version! to me it even looks more simple and sophisticated

  5. Zara! Definitely. Good quality, better look and cheaper! If it was something like a tote I would suggest an expensive brand you could “invest” in! This…well just go with zara!

  6. hayleyroderick

    I love finding a good bargain! Especially when its at Zara:)

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  8. Definitely the Zara bag! Not only is it cheaper, but it looks more elegant, more versatile. I’m sorry, but The Row bag looks like a leather backpack. I’m not loving it.

  9. I vote for Zara too !

  10. I think its great to get a statement classic piece to keep for years to come, but stores like Zara do offer great affordable styles! Both are chic!

  11. The Row. It is classic and effortless, but I am bias since I have been obsessed with the Olsen twins for a while.


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