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today’s closetcast: a welcoming





I look pretty bundled up here don’t I? Well, it has been cold – even for coastal California standards. Though, as I type that I feel a bit spoiled considering there are parts of the U.S. dropping in the double-digit negatives!

Pretty quick post here. The Zara jacket you all recognize I’m sure. It’s so warm and cozy and I love the pink! Very unusual for me. The boots are from the H&M Paris collection and sold out quickly. I had wanted a new pair of over the knee boots and these are a great style with a manageable heel. I hadn’t worn them until now because it just had not been cold enough. These will definitely be making a repeat appearance on the blog. Do you guys like the over the knee trend? XO

jacket: zara, sweater: J.Crew (mens), boots: H&M, pants: J. Crew, necklace: Zara


19 responses to “Bits and Pieces

  1. Michelle @ The Wardrobe Update

    I love the over-the-knee trend as long as it’s styled to look cool (like your outfit), edgy or with an ironic wink, but less so when it’s just trying too hard to be sexy.

  2. Once again, I love this coat!
    The boots are really pretty too!

  3. I’m on business travel in San Francisco all week and the first two days were wonderful, but it’s freezing now. Thank goodness, I was overly careful to bring along my thickest winter wear 🙂 Not looking very chic though :(, more like a bundled up panda

  4. In love with this coat, the whole look is beautiful! Very stylish!

  5. This coat is so fab! I love it!!

  6. lovely ! plz follow my blog

  7. i love this outfit- so cute and prefect for winter

  8. God, this coat is beyond chic.

  9. Love the coat! Looks so snug x

  10. I have that coat too! Love it

  11. Great look! The coat is to die for.

  12. obsessed with that coat!!!

  13. Such an adorable outfit! That coat is so fab!!

  14. It's just my way

    you look good,like ur outfit. btw I started to follow ur blog,because it’s cool. have a good day!

  15. I love the pink and gray combination; the warm pink color complements the colder gray color really well!

  16. estelletestforyou

    Love your pull !!! ❤

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