Warby Parker x Leith Clark

When Warby Parker reached out to me for help in the launch of their new Leith collection, I was so honored and excited!

I wear glasses (rather stubbornly, I might add). The stubbornness has to do with my inability to accept that my genetics and (gasp!) age might be catching up with me. Needless to say, when I find a pair of glasses that are stylish and show my personality, it’s an easier pill to swallow.

wednesday sun-aurora optical

In comes Warby Parker. The New York-based company came up with the genius concept of trying on up to five pairs for five days in the comfort of your home before deciding on the right pair for you. After all, if can be difficult to decide whether you will like a pair of frames without seeing if they mesh with your personality. Warby Parker saw this dilemma and solved it – like that. Perfect!

The newest Warby Parker collection is called Leith. In collaboration with Leith Clark, founder of Lula magazine, one of the most beautiful magazines around -it’s seriously a dream on paper, the collection consists of five distinct styles centered around a 1960s, feminine librarian theme. New colors Cobalt Leaf, Noir, Aldabra, Daughter of Pearl, and Crystal bring a dreamier feel to the sharp designs making up the collection. Photographed by Pamela Hanson, the collection is modeled perfectly by actress Zoe Kazan with an aesthetic that is pure charm and whimsy.

Added plus? For every pair of glasses sold, a pair is distributed to someone in need. A percentage of the sales also go to GirlUp, a United Nations Foundation campaign mobilizing American girls to raise awareness and funds for UN programs that provide life-changing opportunities to girls around the world.

Which one am I picking up? I am a fan of the Marva in Cobalt Leaf and Aurora in Daughter of Pearl as sunglasses. So fun! While it’s great to look at the world through rose-colored lenses, I’d like to think Warby Parker is also showing how fun it can be to look at the world through some great frames!

The collection is available now and are priced at an affordable $145 each! Get yourself a pair and make a difference while you’re at it!


images via Warby Parker. styles from top to bottom: Wednesday and Aurora, Willow, Aurora, Wednesday (sunglasses), Marva (sunglasses), Greta (sunglasses, Marva, and Greta.


10 responses to “Warby Parker x Leith Clark

  1. Love the Wednesday pair and the Marva in colbalt leaf look so cute – it’s definitely time to upgrade my glasses!

  2. hehehe, those are cute! I especially like the top ones on you.


  3. I’m glad to covered this! Love the tortoise and clear frames!

  4. *you* covered this…:)

  5. I love the clear circular pair! Looks like a great collection! Congrats!

    XO Jas Cheri


  6. Great glasses and post! I have been obsessed with sunnies lately! So glad to know about this line! Congrats on the collab

  7. You look amazing with that glasses, I wish I could be like you wearing those glasses

  8. Love the idea of having 5 styles to try and the accompanying shots ’60’s theme! The Wednesday style even have me reconsidering my glasses-free (sight poor) existence!

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