Splurge or Save?


Which do you prefer? I love the faux fur front panel of both of these styles. One is just slightly less expensive than the other. With the ability to find your high-end designer pieces for less, do you opt to save or splurge?

For something trendy like this, I would say save and go with the Mango top on the right. One can’t be too sure how long a trend like this will last – or even if you will find many ways to wear a top like this. Though, in the defense of splurging, I am sure when both pieces are in front of you, you’ll be able to feel the luxury in the MSGM top on the left. Would you agree?

I thought I would start a new series like this featuring items of the high and low variety – what do you guys think? XX

top on left: MSGM from Moda Operandi $870.00

top on right: Mango $79.99


12 responses to “Splurge or Save?

  1. Just from the photo alone you can make out the quality of the MSGM one, but 870? that’s way too much

  2. I’d go for 2, not only because the other one is ridiculously overpriced but because it’s white, black is a much easier colour to style, black on black look H.O.T but with white on white 7/10 times you’re gonna end up looking like milk, finally what goes without saying; white is way too stain prone.

  3. Vintage Reflections

    Save! Save save!!!

  4. fillintheblanks

    I love the Mango brand. Their crispness and minimalist ideology is what grabs me.


  5. eleonore mosimann

    I agree with the girls, the first one is “ridiculously overpriced” although we can see it’s beautiful, and Mango’s would be so easier to wear, and to forget, in case you don’t like it anymore 😉 love the idea of your article, you should definitely go on with it xx

  6. Definitely save I agree with Nish 870 for that is too much

  7. I prefer the white one!!

  8. thetrendytype

    Loving the black one

    [ thetrendytype.wordpress.com ]

  9. go 4 the black one. It will look slimmer with all that extra bulg of the faux fur

  10. i like the white one, the black looks cheaper imo…but too pricey

  11. I genuinely prefer the black one! The white one reminds me of one that I have from Topshop that is really ill-fitting … And I could never, ever spend that much money on a plain white jumper.


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