Brisk Breeze

today’s closetcast: welcoming it all



Lots of shifts around here as I get back into the groove of things after a blissful three months with my little girl. Another shift is the welcomed change in weather. It has transitioned to fall so beautifully around my neck of the woods. It’s so lovely here by the coast this time of year. Brisk breeze, warm sun, and dancing evening light. There is a marked anticipation whenever the seasons shift and it’s no different this year.

Gearing up for a fun weekend with friends as we celebrate a wedding in a beautiful garden setting tomorrow. Can’t wait!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!!


shirt: zara, jacket: topshop, pants: uniqlo, flats: GAP


21 responses to “Brisk Breeze

  1. I love the leopard flats! They’re my go-to shoe in the fall (which also means I own too many pairs)…think I might have an addiction… 🙂

  2. kristin capuano

    great pants! I need those!!! xo

  3. Love the animal print shoes.. and the whole style! Keep posting..

  4. seamplicityy

    LOVE,love,love, as usual!…especially the flats!

  5. Love love love the jacket! And leopard shoes, LOVE that! 😀

  6. fashionwithoutfuss

    Such a cool look..

  7. Love this. You’re rocking my favourite colours! We are gearing up for Autumn here too. See

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