Fall Palette

today’s closetcast: playing favorites





I am loving that fall is calling for a pastel, washed-out palette as I am usually drawn to these colors, despite the cooler temperatures. I have never been one to wear standard bold fall colors. I picked up these Kai-Aakman pants at my favorite boutique in town, Cameron Marks. Though not a favorite with my fella, I personally love a harem pant and these were no exception. Luxurious fabrics and the perfect fit – I do not regret this purchase one bit!!

What do you guys think?

pants: Kai-Aakmann, shirt: Equipment, heels: Alexander Wang, jacket: Urban Outfitters 


22 responses to “Fall Palette

  1. Fashionista In Suburbia

    I am very partial to harem/drop crotch pants and yours are devine! X

  2. I love your shoes and that pants too

  3. Your outfits always leave me inspired and this one is no different! Love it!

  4. This is, really Stylish,
    How Can I relate Fashion To Public Relations? Does fashion make a difference in the public. Sometime I feel people don’t judge others based off their personality anymore it’s all about what a person is wearing do you agree ?

  5. Love your style! I am looking for strong stylish women to paint portraits of for my series ‘The Feral Goddess Collection’. If you like my work and are interested then send me a photo of yourself looking fierce or strong or just damn cool. I will paint an image based on your photo and post it on my blog gallery FeralState.com. You are welcome to post the painting too if you like it! The most successful pieces of my work will be put up for sale on the saatchionline gallery. Lx

  6. Those pants are just simply amazing – simple yet trendy, classic yet so structural. I love how you paired them with other neutral pieces so they could stand out. What a great purchase!

  7. Love this look!


  8. Those pants are fantastic.

  9. Very nice blog.
    If you want visit our streetstyle fashion blog. 🙂


  10. I love the pants as well as the outfit 🙂

  11. Hello beautyy…

    You’re blog is amazing i love all your post, your style, your pictures… Just a perfect balance .

    I wish you the best

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  12. Hi!! Wow, I love those pants! I bought very similar pants just a couple of weeks ago! I’ll wear them soon! I’m a blogger…..well, just a beginner actually, my blog is quite empty now. I’m italian so my english isn’t that good, but I’d like you’ll have a quick look to my blog when you’ve enough time…your outfits are so simple and beautiful! I’m sorry for my english, I hope to improve soon!

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