Should I?

today’s closetcast: outside the box


Loving this gorgeous hat from Janessa Leone. It’s gorgeous isn’t it? I have a pretty wide selection of hats at home but have yet to find the “perfect” one. To me, hats are fun but have a tendency to make one look like they thought a bit too hard about their look – but I think this hat would look great with a tank and jeans. What do you guys think? I am thinking it’s perfect for fall. I think it’s a needed addition to my wardrobe. 

image courtesy of Janessa Leone.


20 responses to “Should I?

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  2. Cute! I have yet to add hats like this to my wardrobe but am thinking about starting! ❤ Jesika

  3. Ooh, yes! Hats should totally become a style staple again.

  4. Buy it!!! It is fabulous!

  5. Oh yes. For those days when a good hair look is just not working out 🙂

  6. Love it! You have to get it! 🙂

  7. Yes, yes you should. So cute for fall.

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  8. celinebagsandsourskittles

    A definite purchase! Such a perfect staple piece for the transition from summer to autumn

  9. Definitely!! It’s an easy add-on to make a simple outfit fabulous!

  10. Would love to put this on when my hair is just not agreeing with me!


  11. It’s gorgeous!! I need it! xoxo

  12. slategreystripes

    I like it! I don’t think it will look too try-hard if you wear it maybe with some boyfriend jeans, pair of shades, heeled boots and a nice coat for Autumn. Might make you look like an undercover celebrity though 😉

  13. Ooo, I want it too! I always think about buying hats, but rarely pull the trigger. I’d like to think I’d buy this one, given the opportunity.

  14. Lovely, I want it too! You should wear it 😉
    Have a look to our page:

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