Zara Lookbook Fall 2013

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I just love the new Zara lookbook for Fall.

The Trafaluc collection is so reminiscent of the 90s and reminds me of back issues of Seventeen magazine when I was a tween. The granny length floral dresses, lace slip dresses, and ankle boots resemble a more refined and updated version of the wardrobe from my favorite television show when I was young, ‘My So-Called Life’.

The suiting in the Zara collection is gorgeous. The boxy swing jackets and pleated skirts seem reminiscent of Chloe collections from seasons past. While it’s never fun to have an entire closet full of clothing from one store, it will be hard to resist picking up many pieces from this Fall assortment!

What do you guys think of it?

Images courtesy of Zara


32 responses to “Zara Lookbook Fall 2013

  1. kristensehn

    I definitely agree with you! It reminded me of Chloe as well actually! I am absolutely in love with the hat and the floral dresses. I will definitely have to check this out for fall!

    xoxo Kristen

  2. i love the swingy/flirty/short skirts!

  3. The boxy jackets are amazing! I’m gutted that we Aussies are heading out of winter and into spring now… but maybe I can do a naughty purchase and save it for next winter seeing as its such a classic shape and the minimalist in me is loving the neutral colours!

  4. celinebagsandsourskittles

    Reblogged this on Celine Bags And Sour Skittles.

  5. fashionjuuice

    I love Zara, the blazers/overcoats are amazing.
    Flawless as always!
    – Liana xx

  6. I love Zara and the new collection is definitely cool!

  7. Gorgeous! So sophisticated and flirty.

  8. vatiswaklevering

    Dit is op Vatiswa Klevering herblogd.

  9. I like it! I also felt like I was watching pic from magazines from my tween years! The blue dress and pants look is cool.

  10. Ah I have a similar post in the pipeline! But I agree with you completely, Zara never disappoints. xo

  11. Zara blazers are so cute! Besides that, I was wondering if you could check out my blog and tell me what you think of it? I’m a fashion stylist hopeful, and if love for you to check it out! Thanks much, loved the post 🙂 ♡

  12. Agreed…The light structural jackets are so chic!!! The looks seem reminiscent of Celine collection. Re-blogging!

  13. The floral dresses kind of resemble Japanese tourists fashion style but I like the sleek look of the coats and blazers otherwise

  14. Willfully Elegant

    That grey jacket’s calling me. But that is about it for me this season from Zara..

  15. I absolutely love all the coats!

  16. Already been deciding which pieces to buy…rather tricky task narrowing them down!

    Great blog,


  17. Words can barely describe how much I love the hats and navy suits.

  18. I absolutely love this campaign. Have you seen H&M’s AW13? Very similar trend as well- really nice too.


  19. Fabulous! I am obsessed… Fall doesn’t feel so bad now 😉 xo

  20. Ahh perfect blog! Follow for sure! 😉

  21. I love the over-sized tailoring!

  22. i love how oversized the clothing is! the 90s are coming back!

  23. Reblogged this on Luxe & Linen and commented:
    Totes in love with the new Zara Collection. Cannot resist!

  24. I love not only how the clothes were captured in this photo sequence but also how the feeling goes from calm to frantic when looking at the models really showin how this collection can really fit any life style!

    Room Tour:

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