today’s closetcast: refocus

ImageNow that things have slowed down around here, I have time to refocus on some of my favorite things. One of which is this Byredo perfume. So light and elegant, it makes me feel so luxurious, even if I am just lounging around with no plans for the day.

Byredo Inflorescence parfum


6 responses to “favorites

  1. I’ve recently become a perfume lover myself. I wear Jo Malone Red Roses because it smells exactly like a gorgeous bouquet of roses! And there’s nothing wrong with wearing perfumes on a “no plans” day!! 🙂


  2. Russia suggests!

    First of all, I absolutely love what you’ve called your blog and second I love light perfumes, will try this one out x

  3. Wow, that perfume sounds so lovely! I really love your blog and your style – would you mind checking out my blog? I’d really appreciate some feedback because I’ve only just started blogging – I’m focusing on how to do beauty and fashion while on a budget 🙂

    Maria x

  4. love that perfume! / i have the gypsy water!

  5. Egalement accro a la gamme Byredo !

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