For a Limited Time…

today’s closetcast:  comfortImage




With around two weeks to go, “comfort” is the name of the game. I have been getting plenty of advice from my amazing girlfriends who tell me “get your rest now” or “save up your reserves of energy” – so I’ve been taking it fairly easy. Had a great weekend with my fella and wonderful friends all around – it was perfect. Now my lazy Sunday consists of heading to the farmer’s market and taking the beach route, running a few last minute errands, and reading a wonderful book recommended and purchased for me by a dear friend. Perfection!

sweater: Aritzia (similar here), tank: Asos, pants: Asos Maternity, sandals: Topshop


15 responses to “For a Limited Time…

  1. You look better pregnant than I do unfertilized!

  2. You look better pregnant than I do unfertilized!

  3. Cute! And love those shoes!

  4. Your sandals are heaven! Congratulations on your pregnancy (although I can see we’re a little late to the game), what an exciting time for you. How lucky you are to live near a beach! That would definitely be a life goal of mine.

  5. Those shoes are to die for! Check out my blog!

  6. Love your sunglasses and your shoes so much!

  7. birdgotweet

    So pretty

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