Toasty Monday

today’s closetcast: squeezing in Image




It is getting harder and harder to get dressed every morning with this growing bump! Shirts that used to be large are now tight, at least around my middle, and it definitely takes some getting used to. Now that I have countdown that can be measured in weeks, I am getting very excited to meet our little girl and to also be able to fit back into my regular wardrobe!

This weekend we had a couple friends visit from out of town, which is always nice. It was a beautiful weekend filled with laughter and good food – wonderful! How was your weekend?

blouse: Equipment, jeans: Zara, heels: Tildon, bracelet: Jook and Nona, tortoise shell from Panama


24 responses to “Toasty Monday

  1. I love that heels! Gorgeous!

  2. Dressing the baby bump can be difficult and frustrating sometimes. I know, ive sobe it twice. You did a great job today! Love the outfit.

    My weekend was wonderful. I spent it with my family. No better way to go.

    Enjoyed reading your blog. Check out mine at

  3. Those shoes are gorgeous!

  4. Those heels are amazing! You look beautiful

  5. Cudos to you for being able to wear heels in your condition. I remember being swollen/bloated and couldn’t wear any shoes but flip flops. You look beautiful.

    XOXO Nensi

    • Thank you so much Nensi! I think as it gets hotter I will start to relate to you on the swollen angle! Hopefully I can keep it at bay for a bit longer! Thanks so much for your comment! XO

  6. Love your shoes <3, and you are so lucky to have sunny days, in france you have a foul weather.


  7. yes it is difficult to get dressed in your situation but you make the best of it. And you have fabulous shoes!!!

  8. LOVE your outfit. By chance remember where it’s all from?! Suffering serious style envy!

  9. Gorgeous Shoes! They remind me of the Alexander Wang pumps. You have got maternity style down pat. x

  10. Love the heels, love the look! you are gorgeous!

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