today’s closetcast: breezy




Feeling a neutral vibe today. This week is winding down and I will be able to truly enjoy a summer break in just a couple days. Headed down to lovely Santa Barbara this weekend, and can’t wait to enjoy some time with friends and family, and hopefully some warm beach weather!

sweater: H&M, skirt: from japan, platforms: Topshop, belt: Madewell, watch: Michael Kors, monogrammed gold bracelet: Jook & Nona, tortoise shell: gift from Panama


17 responses to “lightness

  1. Your hair is so pretty. I stille have yet to visit Santa Barbara, I heard it’s a blast during Halloween time.

    • Thank you so much! Yes, Santa Barbara is very fun for Halloween, although it used to be more fun years ago. It has toned down a bit… You should definitely visit. There is more to see than that – it’s a gorgeous town! Thanks for your comment! XO

  2. You look comfy yet beautiful. Enjoy Santa Barbara!!!

  3. Very pretty- love your style again!

  4. gorgeous! so inspired by your maternity outfits!

  5. Stunning!! Love the entire outfit and jewelry 😀

  6. You look great in your outfit as a pregnant woman. I must say I did not like my look when I was expecting a baby:) I wish I had been so charming.

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