Tropical Wave

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This fun little shirt from Zara was so perfect for the summer I couldn’t resist. Even though it’s cropped shape is a bit harder to maneuver when toting around this baby bump, I know it will work well with my summer looks once our little babe has arrived.

Been working through a pretty amazing heatwave this week and though I enjoy it, it makes me wish I was sitting on the beach instead of sitting in an office! Ah well, these long days make a relaxing walk on the beach a possibility even after I get home from work. Love summer!

Thanks for reading everyone! XO


20 responses to “Tropical Wave

  1. I love Zara. The colors are so pretty on that top. You look so cute.
    xo, Sydney

  2. You look stunning!

  3. Lovely T-shirt!! I love summer too!!

    Warmest regards from

  4. Love the way you styled the top 😀


  5. I love the shirt!

  6. All the best for motherhood. Beautiful shirt:)

  7. Is it sad that I would wear this shirt with beige shorts and black strapped sandals and I’m a male? If so, oh well! – –

  8. I really like your sense of style!

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