Heating Up

today’s closetcast: lightweight Image




Carrying around this extra little bump definitely makes me a little more sensitive to the heat during this minor heatwave. These lightweight pants were just the ticket. I picked these up at one of my favorite shopping stops in Tokyo last summer and could not resist them. They are just so much fun. I’m not usually drawn to tropical-inspired prints like these (they sort of look like 70s retro draperies), I loved the cut. Japan has the carrot-leg cut of pants down and I am so into that rounded design. It’s tough to find pants like these here in the states, but Japan has fortunately fully supported this trend for as long as I can remember, and I can always go back and get a few pairs when I go back and visit.

pants: from japan (love these ones from Charles Henry here), knit sweater tank: H&M, wedges: zara (last year), necklace: Gorjana


18 responses to “Heating Up

  1. All about the carrot-leg! I too wish they were a bit easier to find stateside.

  2. I love those trousers! Esp the print and fit. X

  3. Bianca Sorana

    the pants and the sandals are really nice! 😀
    kisses, Bianca!


  4. christinadanielle

    You are working that floral pant!

  5. Love the shoes! And great pants!

  6. janacharlotta

    amazing trousers!

    Calla Girl

  8. This is PERFECT for those hot and sticky days!! I love it!

  9. Such a great print! Perfect for springtime.
    xo, Sydney

  10. L’ha ribloggato su SARA ALLUREe ha commentato:
    Il floreale tornato di grande moda quest anno ,io ho pantaloni e pin occhietti e gonne e maglie e abitini a stampe floreali del 2004 🙂 gran vintage !!!!

  11. Reblogged this on flytosomewhere and commented:

  12. The pants look so comfy, and love your shoes so much

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