Mad for Plaid

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I’m starting to stock up on some items that will be more suitable once I get my waistline back, but in the meantime I am drawn to clothing that is looser on top and more streamlined on the bottom. I am still managing to fit in most of my pre-pregnancy pants with the help of a BellyBand.

With an array of looser fitting shirts slowly piling up in my closet for the remaining time I have before our little girl arrives, I am drawn to some kind of “pop” where I can get it. This look is fairly simple, but the plaid pants and the strappy heels add that certain edge I am seeking.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and thank you for reading!

pants and heels: zara, top: mango, tank: asos, necklace: gorjana


2 responses to “Mad for Plaid

  1. I love those shoes. Sexy sexy sexy.
    I’m gonna get myself a BellyBand for those days when I feel like a really big lunch. 🙂

    PS – You look great, as per the usual.

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