Must Haves – Anine Bing

today’s closetcast:  building a list


Swooning over these uber-luxurious suede leggings from Anine Bing! With my expanding waistline, leggings are my new best friend. These leggings will help me feel more like myself as I navigate through this temporary change.  Speaking of, Anine Bing is an amazing Danish based designer, model, singer and mommy! AND she is pregnant right now and features her own style tips on Mama Blogg for the Swedish Mama magazine. She does it all!

Her namesake label features designs that are just perfect with their slim fit and rocker edge. She has gotten tons of celebrity press as well as some of my favorite bloggers, Sincerely Jules and Song of Style, wearing her designs on their respective blogs. Definitely worth checking out her online shop here. My favorites are all the leather skinny pant, the suede leggings, and her entire denim line! And if you are in the LA area, she has a showroom in LA. Wish she had one in the bay!



One response to “Must Haves – Anine Bing

  1. love these leggings!

    take a look?

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