Tokyo Fashion Week

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I’m half-Japanese and still have all of my family, with the exclusion of my mother, overseas in Tokyo. I’ve been going there every few years since I was a baby and it’s always such a highlight. I feel very comfortable there despite the fact that my Japanese is far from perfect and I look a bit like an outsider.

I’ve always been crazy for fashion and one of my favorite parts about Tokyo has always been the people watching. Or rather, fashion watching. The Japanese culture is very refined, polite, and courteous, so fashion is the first place people go to express themselves. Needless to say, the creative and brave looks I see everyday on the train and the street provide for unlimited inspiration. From the sweet girls who create their own spin on French fashion to the Gothic girls who work it on Takeshita-dori back to the punk-pop girls strolling the alleys of Shibuya in sky high platforms – everywhere you look girls and women are confident with their own style.

What do you guys think of these funky looks from Tokyo Fashion Week?

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12 responses to “Tokyo Fashion Week

  1. love the photos, especially the girl with dog. i am particularly fascinated by some of the more extreme styles like yamanba, the 80s 90s yanki style, and that rockabilly thing where the guys have extreme elvis hair like this:

  2. Great shots! Love!

    A new outfit post / photo diary of World MasterCard Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent.

  3. It’s so interesting to see, what ppl are actually wearing there, since the culture and the fashion accents are so different… Thanks for this post. 🙂

  4. I love seeing fashionable people from different countries, it’s always a breath of fresh air to see different takes from people with different perspectives and inspiration. I love buying and looking through Japanese magazines, even though I can’t read anything in it, but I get them for style inspiration and for the pics… however, there are times when I get angry at myself for buying them knowing that there are tons of things I would want to get, but would never be able to. great post. -Sarah

  5. I love japan, i know many people there and i work Also with them..japan fashion is different is true..but They love European style like a crazy! Great post..i like it!! 🙂

    • They do love the western influence – you are right. I love how they have maintained their own style though despite that love! Thanks for your comment! Xo

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