Some News…

today’s closetcast: budding Image



Thank you to all my lovely readers for being so patient while I enjoyed some relaxing time away in Hawaii with my fella. It was so perfect.

Now, on to the real news – I think I have held back for as long as possible… the fact that “it” is starting to get out of my control is part of the reason for the disclosure. While I am not one to get too personal on the blog – it’s mainly a place for me to showcase and talk about fashion – I have to share our exciting news. As of now, I am about 6+ months along with a baby girl! As I navigate my way around my growing waistline, I hope that all of you will stick with me as I find a way to stay fashionable! Don’t worry, this blog will always keep it’s same theme of “a fashionable girl weathering daily style storms” even after our little girl arrives!


sweater: Theory, pants: Zara, tank: Cynthia Rowley, leather vest: Topshop, heels: Zara


24 responses to “Some News…

  1. Congratulations. A) I didn’t even notice B) I’m sure you and your baby girl will both be beautifully fashionably (as you always are).

  2. Great news ; congratulation and all the best :)))))

    Lots of love

  3. Bianca Sorana

    Love the mix of this colors!
    I like your vest! ❤

  4. Awesome Vest:> With this skill you could be a stylist for the Prego celebs. Great Job finding creative styles that accommodate a growing middle section!!!Love the hue of the knit also!

  5. Congratulations!!! Can’t wait to see your baby girl’s stylish outfits 🙂

  6. I want your shoes!!!

    A new outfit post/Photo Diary of World MasterCard Fashion Week is up on Local & Opulent.

  7. Love the outfit:) you seem like you have a great eye:) I’m trying to start my own blog, so it would be sooooo much appreciated if you would take a look and maybe comment?:)

  8. you even manage to dress fashionably when you’re pregnant, that’s amazing! 🙂
    anyway, congratulation!!

  9. seamplicityy

    Congraulations!! Can’t wait to see her stylish outfits, like mother, like daughter!!

  10. so happy for you! i love coming to your blog for inspiration one of my favorites xx!

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