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Had some stormy weather brush through this past week which explains the heavy coat. Kept it simple as other things this week have been beyond complicated! Ever have one of those weeks? So, with that explanation – I am sorry for the lack of outfit posts this week. I have a couple stored up for the weekend, but it was a quiet week due to the madness!

I can’t wait until next week however, as I am off to Kauai to have a little rest and relaxation. I will try to keep updated, but until then, follow me on Instagram @closetcast! Happy Weekend everyone!



12 responses to “Simple

  1. Love those Zara heels!

    A new post is up on Local & Opulent. Fashion, street style and COLOUR!!!

  2. Shoes!!!!!!

  3. Simple, yet elegant and laid back. 🙂

  4. Obsessed with your coat and love your shoes!!

  5. Love your coat!

  6. Love your style, girl!!!! If you have a chance, stop by my page. Thanks a mil.

  7. Love the nacklace, so classy, but also playful at the same time. 🙂

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