Slouchy Cool

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Despite the holiday and unlike most people I know, I had to work today! Luckily it was just a half-day, not too bad.

Picked up these glamorized track pants the other day at H&M. They are really comfortable and are a welcomed change from my sea of denim and slimmer cut pants. I like the slouchy fit, sort of reminiscent of harem pants, which I love. I am actually on the lookout for a pair of suede slouchy pants – if you see or hear of any, send them my way. I saw them on the runway at Phillip Lim and they have been on my mind since!

Thank your for reading everyone!

pants: H&M, top: F21, sweater: random, jacket and heels: Zara, watch: Michael Kors


5 responses to “Slouchy Cool

  1. Love those shoes. Zara has the cutest heels!!

  2. I want those shoes!!! super cute!.

  3. Reblogged this on tyanarena and commented:
    i like it

  4. Zara heels are the best ever|
    I like this outfit , if you want to check my fashion blog this is the link:

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