Navy/Black = Clash/Contrast?

today’s closetcast:  thigh high Image




The hint on my Facebook page as to my outfit post today was pretty much a giveaway. I love the combination of navy and black, although traditionally they were said to clash. I like how clean and minimalist it feels.

I bought this tent dress in Japan this past summer and still love it. It has such a modest shape, but the short hem keeps it flirty… sometimes a little too flirty on a windy day. I thought the short hem and thigh-high height of these boots made this look a little more unique than pairing with some simple heels.

What do you guys think?

dress: from japan, jacket: J. Crew, boots: Topshop (but really coveting these), necklace: vintage


20 responses to “Navy/Black = Clash/Contrast?

  1. I love Navy with Black also!

  2. I love black and navy together! Great combo!

  3. Love navy and black–it’s all in the styling and you did it beautifully!

  4. I really love the tent dress! the whole outfit is so subtle, it’s perfect!

  5. Really like this combo – you’re right it does feel minimalistic – for some reason the color combo reminds me of something Sofia Coppola would wear? I like that you added the necklace and boots though! Anyhow, great outfit – love it!
    x the fabulous life of a natural disaster

  6. This jacket is so nice, I think navy and blue are great together!

  7. Amazing necklace!

    We love breaking the fashion rules: black with brown, white after labor’s all a go with us!


  8. I’ve just been waiting for someone to give me permission! It looks totally classic and elegant. I give it a ‘love’.

  9. it’s definitely a great association

  10. I absolutely love Navy and Black! I honestly do it all the time. It’s so elegant and charming I can’t help myself. Love the outfit that day!!

    • Thank you so much for your comment Dee! All this wonderful support has me thinking that this alleged fashion faux pas is hardly a faux pas at all! XOXO

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