I became completely entranced when I came across this gorgeous pictorial via My Modern Met. Photographer Matthieu Belin‘s fashion story takes place in the Guizhou province of China. I love the dramatic contrast of the sharp and vivid piece of fashion set against the hazy and soft environment. It’s so hauntingly beautiful – wouldn’t you agree?

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend! One more day of rest and then back to the grind! Thanks for reading everyone! XOXO

images via My Modern Met, photographer: Matthieu Belin 


3 responses to “Daily INSPO

  1. These photos are incredible! I definitely agree with you too, the sharpness and clarity of the clothing really offsets the dreamy backdrop. Fantastic! My favourite image is probably the one of the woman sitting upright in the bronze coloured jumper…


  2. Stunning… seriously made me stop and really take a look. Nothing superficial about these photos… thank you for sharing!

  3. That is absolutely beautiful. I love how the models didn’t try to do a whole lot with their poses. They just let the clothes do all the talking

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