New In…

today’s closetcast: sun is shining DSC_0008


After a crazy stormy day and a rather treacherous drive to my parents house for the holidays, we woke up this morning to a beautiful, brisk winter day. Perfect for the holiday!

Thought I’d share a little gift to myself this year. I’ve been saving for these Isabel Marant Bobby sneakers for a while now, and finally took the plunge. They are so comfortable, and stay tuned for a post featuring these soon! I picked them up from La Garconne, a wonderful site filled with so many amazingly fashionable goodies – it’s always hard to choose!

Hope everyone is enjoying their time off with their family and friends, we definitely are. Have a safe and wonderful holiday everyone! XOXO

sneakers: Isabel Marant


4 responses to “New In…

  1. Ah i have some like that go check them out.. I did a poat on them!!

  2. I love those sneakers!!!! I have had a crush on them for some time now!

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