Laser Cuts, Leather, and Lace

today’s closetcast: it’s all in the details


I love anything leather but add an ornate laser-cut detail and I’m in love. Feeling drawn to the similarities between the beauty and lightness of lace and laser-cut leather, but the completely different aesthetic that results from the two very different textures.

What’s your favorite?

1. Topshop Scalloped Leather tank; 2. Malene Birger Delica sweater; 3. Topshop Leather Sleeve Jacket; 4. Zara Large Leather Clutch; 5. Maje Rainette Dress; 6. Sergio Rossi Laser Cut Sandal; 7. Zara Lace Sling Back; 8. Current Elliott Leather pants; 9. Topshop Scalloped Leather Corset belt; 10. Topshop Leather Skirt; 11. Tibi Neoprene and Floral Lace Sweatshirt.


10 responses to “Laser Cuts, Leather, and Lace

  1. I love leather, and for this period of the year it is just perfect (although a bit cold when you put it in the morning ;p)!

  2. I need that white dress! Everything is beautiful!

  3. seamplicityy

    love the laser cut outs, definately makes an outfit!


  5. Love your sense of fashion. :)) I just started with my blog and I found your blog amazing. xx

  6. I love the dress, but definitely want the jacket! X

  7. Alohomora on April 28 The contrast between lace and leather is beautiful, like your ombre hair =).

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