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Snapped these shots on a walk through the neighborhood by my parents house. I love the leaves changing – fall is my favorite season.

Don’t have many plans this weekend, getting my holiday shopping lists in order and trying to do most of the work online to avoid the crowds and save some time. How do you usually shop for the holidays? Online or in store?

Picked these pants up awhile a go and like them a lot. They aren’t my usual go-to color and/or style, but something about them drew me in. They are a bit dainty, so I thought the black accents and leather were perfect to “harden” them up a bit.

Happy Thursday everyone! Thank you so much for reading! XO

pants: Corey Lynn Calter, sweater: H&M, jacket: Asos


16 responses to “Dashes

  1. Absolutely LOVING your pink pants!!!

  2. Those pink pants are amazing!! Love!

  3. DressedinMYcloset

    I agree! Those pants are great for all seasons!

  4. heidihuxley

    Omgosh how I adore your boots!!! And those pants!! Great combo & shot!!:)

  5. Perfect pink touch ! ❤

  6. That is what you call an outfit!

  7. I adore those boots!

  8. Fabulous! That color is divine!

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