Angora and Florals

today’s closetcast: searching

There is so much construction going on in my neighborhood these days… old houses going down with a new one taking its place. There is one going up right across the street, so it’s making it a bit hard to take some photos out in my usual spot. I feel a bit embarrassed taking pictures with contractors standing nearby! I think I might have to take the fella out for some new scouting sites this weekend. My “photographer” will also be gone next week, so I will have to take some shots ahead of time. I guess that means I’ll actually have to plan my wardrobe for the week – that will be a first! My mornings are usually spent in my closet throwing things around restlessly until I find what works. What about you? Are you an outfit planner or are you, like me, a more spontaneous (disorganized) dresser?

dress: asos, sweater: similar here, boots: Zara (similar here); bracelets: Jook & Nona, Gorjana, Low Luv, Tiffany & Co.


17 responses to “Angora and Florals

  1. beautiful bracelets and skirt!

    much love,


  2. Spontaneous because of the weather changing AND hard to commit when getting ready quickly. LOVE the bracelets too!

    • I agree completely! It was gorgeous and sunny here yesterday, today – not so much, and tomorrow rain.
      Be sure to check out my facebook page for little blurbs on items I am loving! XO

  3. This look is amazing. the skirt is just stunning and you have paired it so well

  4. Always love your skirts! It’s beautiful!
    And love your bracelets!
    Great look honey!


  5. Nice skirt and veeery cute bracelets ❤

  6. Love your bracelets!

  7. jennietgarland

    loving the oversized sweater with the fitted pencil skirt– great contrast! love it.


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