It’s Not Unusual…

today’s closetcast: funkytown

Sported some funky pants to brighten my mood despite being a bit under the weather. I tend to get sick when the weather changes, but this time it was a doozy!

Have all of you been glued to the television watching the Hurricane Sandy footage? I cannot believe I was there a week ago! My friends out there are all safe, thank goodness. I hope that NYC and the rest of the Eastern seaboard can begin to repair and rehabilitate quickly!

pants: Asos, heels: Zara, jacket: Urban Outfitters, necklace: Forever 21


19 responses to “It’s Not Unusual…

  1. I literally just leaned forward on my chair and said OUT LOUD (to no one) “OOH, I LOVE those!!” Totally love the pants, girl.

  2. Wow! You is so beautiful! This outfit is fire!

  3. Obsessed with these pants!! OMG I can’t take it. Ordering ASAP.

  4. Gorgeous pants! Love the color and the print, everything!


  5. Love the print of your pants and I love how you styled them with a parka.

  6. seamplicityy

    The bold print pants are amazing! Love this outfit!
    love your blog!

  7. I would soo wear that outfit! You have got great style!

  8. Seriously loving this look! What a great pair of pants. Drool! Love the blog, by the way.

  9. Love the pants and love the blog! You are really giving me good inspiration. Thanks!

  10. vivalahungryeyes

    I love this look. Especially with an updo

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