today’s closetcast: break it up

I’m off to NYC for a few days to visit some friends. I can’t wait! I planned the trip a while back, and am hoping I will catch the fall leaves changing color.

This necklace is vintage from my mom’s jewelry box. Weird how cyclical fashion can be sometimes. I like it because it’s a bit gaudy and bold and a nice way to change-up a predominantly black and white ensemble. This Topshop jacket is one I had been coveting for AGES from the Boutique collection. I found it on eBay in an absolutely serendipitous fashion. Don’t you just LOVE when that happens? It will definitely be on repeat plenty of times this fall.

On another note, I reached over 1,600 followers on WordPress today. I CANNOT believe it. So amazing to have such a wonderful group of readers following me and making their lovely comments on each of my posts. I appreciate you guys so much! THANK YOU. Don’t forget to check out my Facebook page here!

jacket: Topshop, top: H&M, jeans: Uniqlo, heels: Zara, necklace: Vintage


7 responses to “1,600.

  1. Have fun in NYC–so beautiful in the fall! Love your jacket, too!

  2. Another great look and interesting mix of textures. I agree about what you said re: the cycles of fashion. My mom also has some pieces in her jewelry box that I’m coveting.

    Congrats on all your followers! Your blog’s on top of my list because your style is so real and inspiring. Oh, and Bon Voyage! 🙂

  3. nicely photographed! < 3
    (my Englisch is not so good.. :*)

  4. Love the necklace!

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