Vika Gazinskaya SS2013

today’s closetcast: modern lady

Love these elegant frocks from Russian designer (and well-dressed buddy of Miroslava Duma) Vika Gazinskaya. Waaayyyyy out of my price range, but I just love the playful, yet ladylike, tailoring of these gorgeous dresses. The top dress is my favorite, the peplum is not quite like any peplum I’ve seen. Hitting more below the bust, than at the waist, it has a totally different feel from the standard peplum tops you see out in the shops. And look at the crazy hemlines! It’s almost seems like there is a piece of wire in the seam structuring it into that perfect flip.

images via Moda Operandi


4 responses to “Vika Gazinskaya SS2013

  1. different and modern 🙂 love it!

  2. Saw this collection coming by yesterday!
    It’s so outstanding! This really is a great example of ‘fashion meets art’.
    Love it!
    Great article 🙂


  3. Love the bottom 2 designs! Def see what you mean about the wire in the hem line! Xx

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