Distressed with Neutrals

today’s closetcast: hazy

Ahhh Monday. It’s perpetually a slow start for me. Felt drawn to a neutral look for a rather foggy morning. The sun has broken free though – and it seems like we may have another week or two of an Indian Summer.

Had a rather relaxing weekend, cooked up some tasty French soup for a chilly fall night, saw “Looper” (definitely recommend!), and caught up with special friends. It was all in all a great weekend! How was your weekend?

sweater and coat: H&M, jeans: BDG, heels: Zara, bracelet Soo Ihn Kim via Shopbop


2 responses to “Distressed with Neutrals

  1. What a great coat. I really like that color – a nice option aside from a tan/khaki trench.

    And, ah yes, ’tis the season for soup and other brothy comfort foods! I’ve been on a ramen/udon/soba rotation – time to branch out and try other types 😉

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