Handmade Stripes

today’s closetcast: welcoming

Woke up to fog and drizzle this morning and this sweater just felt right.

Did all of you enjoy the streetstyle post from Milan Fashion Week yesterday? I’ve been loving all your comments on your favorite looks! Thanks so much!!

Have a couple new fun purchases coming my way in the next couple of weeks that I can’t wait to feature! Stay tuned!!

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sweater: grandmother’s handknit creation, skirt: leather Topshop, heels: here


33 responses to “Handmade Stripes

  1. Love the outfit!

  2. Haha, we had the same kind of sweater weather here in Seattle this morning! I like the contrast between the soft/fuzzy sweater and the sturdy/clean lines of the leather skirt and shoes. And *those* shoes…sigh…they’ve been on my Wish List forever. One day… 🙂

  3. alice louise's wonderland

    It sounds like it shouldn’t work, but it sooo does. You give great leather skirt.

  4. fashionforlunch

    The leather skirt is great!

  5. Love it! The stripes look really cool on that big sweater! 😉

  6. gorgeous shoes! i love how you balanced the mini with an over-sized sweater–such a cute look!

  7. thebuttonupblog

    Love the look, cozy sweater and leather skirt. Fabby fab xx


  8. stylesenders

    Love the look! The swater looks super comfortable & soft! Is it? xoxo

  9. The shoes = amazing! Love them!!!

  10. I love the look!!

  11. i love your hair!!!!!!!!!!
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  12. Casual, comfy, and chic!

  13. You kinda look like Michele Branch! great blog, love your style!!

  14. Boots are amazing!!!

  15. love your leather skirt

  16. what about suede skirt or other colors of leather skirt?

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