Milan Fashion Week Streetstyle

today’s closetcast: daily inspoErdem Dress and Skirt – GORGEOUS

Love the embroidery on that D&G blazer…

Transparent heels with floral heel straps

Now that’s a maxi dress!

Pinks, blushes, and stripes…

TTH.  ’nuff said.

That bag…

Stripes with stripes … why not?

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14 responses to “Milan Fashion Week Streetstyle

  1. I especially like the blazer in the 2nd picture and the jacket in the 4th picture is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiring post 🙂

  2. fabulous post–those stiped shoes are amazing!

  3. oh wow, love everything

  4. alice louise's wonderland

    These looks…love them! Especially the leather and dark floral dress. Fab.

  5. Gorgeous pics! I love the embroidered blazer!!



  6. The blazer on picture number two! And the shoes on picture number three. My wishlist is becoming bigger and bigger haha..

  7. I totally want everything in TTH’s closet. She rocks! My other favorite look from this set is the last pic – I must try pairing black and white patterns with a bold color (-just like how you paired the black and white polka dots with the sunny yellow.)

  8. thebuttonupblog

    Love all of these shots xx great choices

  9. I love the woman rocking the Rolex Submariner. Traditionally a very masculine watch, but more and more I’m seeing stylish ladies pull it off as an every day piece.

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