Milan Fashion Week Streetstyle

today’s closetcast: daily inspoErdem Dress and Skirt – GORGEOUS

Love the embroidery on that D&G blazer…

Transparent heels with floral heel straps

Now that’s a maxi dress!

Pinks, blushes, and stripes…

TTH.  ’nuff said.

That bag…

Stripes with stripes … why not?

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14 responses to “Milan Fashion Week Streetstyle

  1. I especially like the blazer in the 2nd picture and the jacket in the 4th picture is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for the inspiring post 🙂

  2. fabulous post–those stiped shoes are amazing!

  3. oh wow, love everything

  4. alice louise's wonderland

    These looks…love them! Especially the leather and dark floral dress. Fab.

  5. Gorgeous pics! I love the embroidered blazer!!



  6. The blazer on picture number two! And the shoes on picture number three. My wishlist is becoming bigger and bigger haha..

  7. ingridbistaco

    beautiful!!!! loved all

  8. I totally want everything in TTH’s closet. She rocks! My other favorite look from this set is the last pic – I must try pairing black and white patterns with a bold color (-just like how you paired the black and white polka dots with the sunny yellow.)

  9. thebuttonupblog

    Love all of these shots xx great choices

  10. I love the woman rocking the Rolex Submariner. Traditionally a very masculine watch, but more and more I’m seeing stylish ladies pull it off as an every day piece.

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