Perceptible Shift

today’s closetcast: man repelling

Sported a pair of my favorite “man repellers“… these pants. Not many dig the harem pants, but I still love them.

I had a chance to check out some new fall looks from my favorite designers and was pleasantly surprised to see some variations on this silhouette. Can’t wait to get a new pair in my closet this fall! (I don’t think my fella is as excited as I am!)

knit tank: handknit by my grandmother in Japan, jacket: Zara, pants: Topshop, pin: vintage, heels: Rebecca Minkoff 


17 responses to “Perceptible Shift

  1. prettyfrenemy

    Im a fan of harem pants 🙂


    Love those Rebecca Minkoff heels!
    xoxo Caroline
    Check: Pick me an Outfit

  3. My first thought when I saw this picture was ‘Oh my god, I love those pants.’ So I’m definitely in the same camp as you on the whole love ’em or hate ’em thing. But everything in your outfit is to die for. The soft neutrals are so pretty to carry you into autumn. 🙂
    PS: your grandmother is styling for making that beautiful tank.

  4. Harem pants = the most comfortable pants in the world! I adore them. But you’re right, they’re total man repellers, haha! I love the neutral colour palette you created with this outfit.

  5. fashiongonerouge

    This is beautiful 🙂 check out my blog and follow new to this 🙂 xoxox thanks

  6. I love them too,they are so very comfy with the crotch down low… and the ultimate repellent to men! Agreed

  7. randomlilyg

    You make them look good.I need a pair ASAP they’d be perfect for my autum wardrobe..Xxx

  8. randomlilyg

    You make them look good.I need a pair ASAP they’d be perfect for my autum wardrobe..Xxx

  9. I totally agree with Caroline, the shoes are absolutely gorgeous and I love how they match the pants! I’m not sure if I could pull off the pants myself, but I’m a big fan of the colour.

  10. It’s good to like what u like ☺

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