Summer to Fall…

today’s closetcast: streetstyle inspo

Sorry for the lack of outfit posts this weekend – I’ve been enjoying the last “real” weekend of summer hanging with friends, barbecuing, and just lounging at home. I can feel a real shift in the weather, and as my favorite season approaches, I’ve been checking out some of my favorite streetstyle sites to get some fall inspiration.

Loving these streetstyle shots. Lots of leather, knits, layers, and bare legs with heavy sweaters and oversized jackets. Gorgeous! Are you ready to dive into a new season?

shots via: people with styles, Stockholm Streetstyle, Candice Lake, Free People Lookbook, Fashion Edit  



12 responses to “Summer to Fall…

  1. Yay for Fall! However, I just moved to Seattle this summer and it felt like fall pretty much every day – there was a chill in the air even when the sun was shining and the sky clear and blue. Now, let’s see if I can handle the rain here…Haha! (I am *totally* going to copy the looks in pics #5 and 8.)

  2. Ahhh I love fall fashion! Adorable!

  3. I love look #2 & #5.

  4. hey! love the “grey-look” at the second picture! but they are all stunning 🙂

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