today’s closetcast: running in place

I really like wearing dramatic things, like this flared skirt in a funky neoprene material with an oversized, slightly sheer (and maybe a little ratty), grey t-shirt. I felt like if I wore a prim blouse, I would look a little too overdone. I never like to look like I thought too hard about my look, it feels too contrived.  I also strongly believe that unexpected mixes sometimes make up the best looks.

skirt and heels: H&M, top: unknown, bracelets: vintage, Michael Kors


14 responses to “Deconstructed


    I’m in love with that watch!

    xoxo Caroline
    Check out: Pick me an Outfit

  2. I love the accessories pairing!

  3. Adorable outfit. Those shoes though, obsessed!

  4. Perfection!

  5. Love the outfit, looks really cool with the dramatic skirt and oversized t-shirt. And those shoes are just perfect!

    – Sofie

  6. LOve the skirt, Kirin! You’re my H&M guide! You find the best pieces there! xoxo

  7. Love the watch and the look! 🙂 my favourite style!

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