Cynthia Rowley

today’s closetcast: makin’ a statement

Nothing like a pair of statement trousers to really brighten up a long week! Had a horrible commute this morning – just hope it isn’t that bad on the way home.

What are everyone’s weekend plans? Hope it’s a great one for you all! XO

trousers: Cynthia Rowley, heels: Zara, blazer: Madewell, bracelet: Julie Nollan and tortoise shell (gift from Panama)


12 responses to “Cynthia Rowley

  1. Yes! Your look = Perfect “10” 🙂

  2. the white under wear!!! sexy! 🙂 look good

  3. lamodeloovers

    Nice outfit. Our favourite item has to be the trouser.

  4. You look amazing ! Love your heels (blogger heels :D)

  5. youngfashiondesign

    wow! those trousers, don’t know what to say, they where just very, very COOL!
    Nice pictures and a very nice blog!

  6. The pants are to die for!

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