leaving on a jet plane…

today’s closetcast: daydreaming

…. well, not quite. When I saw these these photos via Apartment Therapy from co-founder Maxwell’s recent trip to Umbria in the Niccone Valley, Italy, my daydreaming about our next trip began. One of my dreams has always been to one day buy and renovate an old farmhouse somewhere in Europe – the gorgeous landscape, fields of lavender, and stone farmhouses in these photos remind me so much of Croatia – a country I fell in love with and can’t wait to return to.

Not an outfit post – but a beautiful locale and a gorgeous home and interiors is a nice change-up wouldn’t you say? I can’t wait to travel  somewhere beautiful again soon! Where’s the prettiest place you’ve ever traveled? XO

more photos and the article here.


2 responses to “leaving on a jet plane…

  1. Haven’t traveled much, but, I used to live in Hawaii. It’s pretty there 😉

    My dream destinations: Greece (Mykonos!), Morocco, and Nepal

    • Ahh yes, Greece for me as well. Gorgeous! Love Hawaii too! Lucky you to have lived there – it’s such an easy flight from the coast here but I never get there as much as i would like! Xo

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