almost summer…

today’s closetcast: easy blend

It’s almost summer for me… I’ve definitely been sneaking in my fair share of fun, but my school-driven priorities will end in less than a week and I’ll have about a month of pure nothingness to enjoy before my busy schedule starts up again!

Remember when summer meant no school, no work, and all play? Don’t you miss it sometimes?? Those were definitely the days!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend – I am contemplating a post about  my weekend in Big Sur. It definitely won’t be “fashion” oriented, it’s not really a priority for me to keep up appearances when I’m enjoying the gorgeous scenery around me… how was everyone else’s weekend? XO

jacket: Zara, tanktop: vintage, skirt: F21, shoes: Steve Madden, necklace: Stripe Santa Cruz


5 responses to “almost summer…

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  2. I’ve got a pair of shoes just like that. I like how you paired it with the suede skirt. Must try that sometime.

    Oh, and, have you thought about adding a separate ‘Page’ for your non-fashion related posts? That way you could keep the continuity of your fashion related posts going and still be able to share other things through your blog. 🙂

  3. I love how you’ve put this outfit together definitely going to take some tips

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