Climate Change

today’s closetcast: weather shmeather

One of the great advantages of living by the beach is well… pretty obvious actually. But when you work about 25 miles away in a hot, sun drenched valley dressing for the day can get pretty confusing – especially in the summer. While my sleepy little town stays nice and cool and sometimes downright chilly, the second I get about 15 miles out of town, it is pushing 80.

I had so much to do this morning and just had to pile on a couple layers. I wanted to shoot the black tank alone, it’s actually a wool sweater tank – but it was cold this morning, so I left my light little jacket/shirt on.

I’m off to go on a camping trip tomorrow in lovely Big Sur. I will be taking some photos of my trip so look forward to some instagram shots and an instagram post when I get back. If you can’t wait, follow me here! In meantime, find me on Facebook here, and Pinterest here! I admit I haven’t had time to do too much updating on Pinterest, but look out for some new obsessions being uploaded soon enough! XOXO!

skirt: J.Crew, shirt: Zara, sweater tank: old, from Japan, shoes: Marni for H&M, watch: Michael Kors


One response to “Climate Change

  1. Haha, I hear ya! I’ve got almost the same problem (i.e., roasting hot outside / sub-zero a.c. in the office), so, layering is a must.

    The army green top + gold watch combo is a favorite of mine. It always looks great.

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