Tuesday = Friday

today’s closetcast: summertime hue

For many of us here, today is kind of like a Friday because of the 4th of July celebration tomorrow. Planning an impromptu barbecue and hanging with some close friends. Hopefully the fog stays away so that we can watch some fireworks!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

tank: H&M, skirt: J.Crew, flats: Steve Madden, purse: MCM


45 responses to “Tuesday = Friday

  1. I love that top. The yellow is so cheery and it looks nice and airy for a day on the town.

  2. Love your shoes!

  3. i love your shoes!

  4. Beautiful T-shirt:)
    I have a blog with hand-made jewellery:) I write in polish (sorry for language-mistakes) I would be happy if you like it;-)

  5. heidihuxley

    i love how effortless this is. flowy breezy classy …. and the contrasts of colours are so harmonious together despite how strong they are worn alone!:D

  6. Love the yellow top. It brightened my somewhat dull day over here in Scotland!Thanks very much for the splash of colour

    • Thank you so much! I have always wanted to go to Scotland – it looks so beautiful! It’s on my list! Thank you for the comment. I hope you keep following! XO

  7. Love the outfit! looks comfy and stylish at the same time! I’m not a usually a fan of yellow, but even I would wear that top lol.

  8. love the yellow top.. and the cute smile in the second pic. yes! the shoes 🙂

  9. Man, I wish Wednesdays were like Fridays :’) Cute outfit!


  10. Congratulation on being freshly pressed!

  11. love the neon top. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.


  12. Love bright colors and you can never go wrong with animal print! 🙂

  13. The yellow top teemed with the animal print flats gives a bubbly-yet-wild look. Nice touch!

  14. beautiful summer colours! love your style!

  15. I love mood shakers in fashion. Your whole outfit definitely defines the word lively.

  16. beautiful ensemble.. i especially love the shoes!! 😀

  17. loved the top….

  18. love your yellow shirt! so beautiful!

  19. I Love the sunshine, but your animal print slippers are absolutely droolsome.

  20. I love your yellow shirt 😀

  21. I love the yellow. Makes the outfit so happy

  22. scribbleofhappygoluckygal

    looking lovely:):):)

  23. I have some very similar shoes! They’re Cole Haan, but they are the same slipper style and leopard print. Do you wear yours allll the time like I do? Haha. I just love how they’re casual and comfy but they pump up an outfit. I love the yellow here as well.

    Sarah’s Real Life

  24. lovely top… yellow is so bright and fab…

  25. I love the yellow top. I typically don’t go for bright shirts, but this was done really well! Cheers!

  26. Hope you had a nice 4th of July. Only problem is we had to get up on go to work on Thursday. Wish I could have slept in. Oh well. Thanks for sharing! Love your shoes!

  27. beautiful post!

    check out my work it girl post http://arhitekturaplus.wordpress.com/ x

  28. joiedevivre74


  29. Lovely outfit ! the shoes are a bit too “slipperesk” for my liking though :p

  30. Very cool! Great photography, too! Looking forward to the next post!

  31. I love that pop of yellow. Very eye-catching and cheerful.

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