Antique Floral

today’s closetcast: hazy 

This blouse has been floating around the blogosphere for a while now… and for good reason! I love the print. It sort of reminds me of a cheesy beach bungalow where the pillows match the couch cushions which in turn match the curtains. Sort of sensory overload. Know what I mean? To keep you from turning cross-eyed, I kept the rest of the look simple with my black Uniqlo coated jeans and my Alexander Wang’s (sigh).

blouse: Zara, pants: Uniqlo, shoes: Alexander Wang Caroline heels 


5 responses to “Antique Floral

  1. I love the print! Gorgeous.

  2. I’m so jealous you managed to snag this blouse! I missed out at my local Zara 😦 The pattern reminds me of Mary Katrantzou (one of my faves atm). Great outfit!!

  3. Clever girl! Just peeked, only XL and Larges listed at the moment! I’ll keep my eye out! Thanks for the tip!

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