What You Were

today’s closetcast: the big chill

I’ve given up hope on weather forecasts that extend past the present. I always feel a little let down when a big storm is promised and nothing happens. Might sound odd, but I relish in “weather” when fall and winter roll around. I like the big storms, the wind, rain and dark ominous clouds.

Interested in a little giveaway? Designer Lauren Besser makes Maripossa jewelry in lovely Australia. The pieces are so beautiful and I have been a fan for so long now. If you and a friend “like” her page on Facebook then email Maripossa with the answer to the secret couple photographed on their page, the both of you get entered in a contest to win a piece from their new collection. Don’t miss out!

dress: Alice McCall for Topshop, boots: Topshop, jacket: Uniqlo +J 


3 responses to “What You Were

  1. Hi Kirin, It seems I’m always interested the in the one item of clothing not listed in the credits…;) Where did you get that sweater (or is it part of the dress?).

    • Hi Sarah, I forgot to credit the sweater! I need to add that in. It’s from GAP actually – ages ago. Although I believe every fall/winter they have a cable knit sweater of some kind in their assortment!

  2. I love the boots. I just bought a pair of boots like there, I’m in love with them

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