Sunset Picnic

today’s closetcast: fog-free

Had a little beachside picnic last night to clear my head. Threw on my trusted oversized woolly sweater for some wine and cheese and a beautiful view. It was a glorious evening – no fog, warm sun and very few people out on the beach. One of the many advantages to living in California are evenings like this in the middle of October.

sweater: L.L. Bean, shorts: Vintage Wrangler, rings: vintage 


2 responses to “Sunset Picnic

  1. I love Fisherman’s sweaters. I used to have one back in the day and I don’t know where it went. You’re making me want to move back. It’s bitterly rainy and yuck here today.

  2. I want one of those; I always admired the sweater that the guy from Smallville (forgot his name) wore in the movie The Fog. Your’s reminded me of that, and also of the fact that I have always loved those types of sweaters and yet have to get myself one. 🙂

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