Blue on Black

today’s closetcast: relaxed & flirty

This skirt is a repeat, also seen here, a post which actually helped get me featured on StyledOn, a great community of like-minded bloggers that I love being a part of! The flirty hemline and heavy duty denim fabric are two of the best elements in a skirt style like this. On an unexpectedly windy day this skirt stays put. I have held on to these patent oxfords for years. I think they were an absolute bargain (like under $20?) and I kept them for some reason or another. Definitely had some foresight as I seem to be wearing them quite a bit lately.

Will be doing some fun posts this weekend… What are everyone’s plans?

silk top: F21, skirt: AA, shoes: unknown


3 responses to “Blue on Black

  1. Glad you found my blog and are following 🙂 I’m following your blog as well on Bloglovin and on Twitter (just so I can more easily track your posts). Loving your style!

  2. Am I loving this simple and classy outfit!
    You Look great!

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