Some shots from my recent trip. Wish I could have gotten more – but the weather was not cooperating. It rained for more than half the trip, making it difficult to take some good shots. I did have plenty of highlights however in visits in and around NYC and Brooklyn filled with some shopping, Brooklyn Flea(ing), eating/drinking and spending some QT with some friendly cats – I’m allergic. Of course went to Uniqlo and picked up a new winter coat from the +J line, which apparently is rounding up it’s last season (sob).

Checked out Treasure & Bond, a boutique in Soho that is actually funded by Nordstrom – but bears no similarity to the department store once inside. The concept behind the boutique is that they donate 100% of profits to nonprofit organizations. It’s a huge space, two stories, with incredibly thoughtful merchandise ranging from accessories, home goods, and beautiful womens and menswear as well.

Actually got to see the label Scotch & Soda in person. A line I have been coveting for a long time, but have never been able to find where I live (no big surprise there). Stumbled into ID Menswear on Bedford Ave., and found some great menswear looks from the stylish company sporting the tagline “Amsterdam Couture”. Priced pretty affordably, the shirts have unique details that really set them apart from the rest. Wasn’t able to check out the womenswear, but now that I know it’s quality I won’t hesitate to buy online.

Did plenty of eating and cocktail drinking over the weekend, and a highlight of the trip was a visit to Maison Premiere, a throwback to old Parisian cafes, where the drinks take plenty of time to prepare and the ingredients are unexpected and delicious. Better yet? Come between 4 and 7 pm and you get $1 oysters. Delicious and impossible to beat.

Found a great jewelry designer in Elma Blint while strolling through the Brooklyn Flea. She makes beautiful pieces, affordably priced and she sizes all rings to you. Takes a little longer but gives them that personal touch. The flea is really a great place to stroll through – hardly could be considered a swap meet, you can find great industrial style furniture, high-end vintage duds (I got my guy a Lanvin tie for $1!) and records, jewelry and letterpress galore. Wish I could go every weekend!

It was nice to spend some time in Brooklyn – a lot less hectic than NY – and has plenty of character to make you feel like you aren’t missing anything across the bridge(s). Next time I hope the weather cooperates a bit better!


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