Blue Suede

today’s closetcast: down low


This is actually my mom’s navy blue suede coat from the 70s. It fits nearly perfectly, although the sleeves are a touch short (my mom is pretty petite), but I actually like it better that way. I can only really wear it on days like this, when it’s cool, but no chance of rain. Not really an all-weather coat. The seasons are definitely changing – as much as they can on the coast of California anyway.

suede trench: vintage (mom), skirt: Madchen, shirt: H&M (as seen here), shoes: topshop, socks: GAP, watch: Michael Kors


One response to “Blue Suede

  1. That vintage coat is gorgeous. I’ve only ever seen suede coats in cropped styles, but the trench is really nice! I also love the detailing on your skirt.

    http://prettyquirkypants .com

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